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Santa Cruz Dog Boarding

Owner | Creative Director


Hi!  My name is Maria, co-owner of WOOFPACK and a dog mom to three beautiful fur-children, Jackson Noodle (Jax), Yoshi Toshi, and Hushpuppy Roux. 


Dogs and food are my passions. I've rescued bully breeds all throughout my life. Pitbulls, boxers, staffordshire terriers, pit mixes, American bull dogs, frenchies-- I've had them all.. When I was 18, I started a small dog walking business in San Francisco just for fun while getting a degree in Early Childhood Education. I then co-licensed a posh day care for infants through Pre-K in Burlingame,CA while going to The California Culinary Academy Le Courdon Bleu in San Francisco. I earned a degree in Hospitality Restaurant Management and immediately dove into the hospitality work lifestyle. Shortly after college I quickly rose up the corporate ladder and became a Catering Director at a Fortune 500 sustainable food service company for large corporations, private universities, and specialty venues throughout the Bay Area for almost a decade. 

In 2012, I moved to Santa Cruz, CA to live by the beach and get a dog. I rescued my american staffordshire terrier Jax on his euthanasia day at a high kill shelter in Martinez a week after settling in and quickly realized I needed someone to care for my boy while I was away. I found a dog walking company in town, which I was extremely grateful for, although one long walk in between my typical 12-15 hour day wasn't ideal and doggie daycares were too expensive and often breed-discriminatory.  I wanted a place for my pup to enjoy hiking in the woods while I worked and I needed it not to break my "single-mom" budget! Thus, WOOFPACK831 was born, re-shifting my career back into the pet service industry, my first love. 

On top of overseeing WOOFPACK831's marketing strategies and engagement programs, I'm also a business manager to various pack walking companies throughout California and I'm currently enrolled back in school to obtain a degree in Veterinary Technology with an emphasis on Behavior and Holistic Natural Health Care for Pets. If I'm not out hiking with my crew, I'm spending time with my family, running or helping out at community events, volunteering at our local county animal shelter as part of their Behavior Mod Squad, or studying for my next exam.


I know your dogs will enjoy their time with us and then come home well-behaved and tired when you see them. They will learn from the pack and feel comfortable on their adventures away from home.  We are here to enhance their quality of life and give you the comfort and assurance that your dogs are receiving the best care and attention that can be provided.  Thank you for joining our family.



Santa Cruz Dog Walking Adventures

Owner | Operations Director


Hello! I'm Ila, co-owner of WOOFPACK, and adorer of dogs! I have a degree in forestry and wildlife conservation from the University of Washington. Animals are my passion, but I've always had the strongest connections with dogs. Seeing them smile or fall fast asleep after a long adventure is so satisfying.


After hiking dogs daily for over a year I still felt the need to adopt my own mutt. We found Moose at the SPCA and now I never feel the absence of "man's best friend" by my side.  I love to hike here in Santa Cruz and to camp and backpack throughout the central coast with Moose and my loved ones.


I’m an experienced pet walker and sitter, with timid and reactive dogs, and I’ve developed trusting and loving relationships with these furry friends and their families.


Maria and I have spent a lot of time together on the trails of Santa Cruz with the wagging tails of dogs surrounding us. We have learned so much from each other on how to make our hikes safer, easier and more enjoyable. Developing as dog walkers through communicating every day is the same scenario of growth we can see for the dogs when they get in the routine of walking with a pack. The dynamic personalities of the pups shine when they're out in nature. It's amazing to see the understanding in their eyes and to watch relationships form between all of them. We come to know which ones will be best friends or if some are more interested in our human affection :] Either way, we all find belonging in the pack together.


Dogs and the outdoors--two of my favorite things on earth. I'm in awe that I live in such a beautiful place with people who care as much about their animal's well being as we do. I look forward to getting to know your dog and trying to bring as much delight to his or her day as they will to mine! 





Admissions Coordinator


Hello, I'm Laura. My golden retrievers, Lilly and Rylie, have been walking with Maria and Ila for over a year. We were so happy with their services that when the opportunity came up to join Woofpack, I jumped at it.  Who wouldn't? I love seeing pictures of dogs, playing with dogs and being around such positive people energy!  


I grew up with dogs and cats. One of my favorite memories is of my mom taking my sister and I to visit a friend who bred collies. Her dogs had just had multiple litters of pups and she let them out to come see us. Imagine more than twenty fluffy little puppies running towards you looking for kisses. It was the best experience ever! After college and before settling in Santa Cruz, I would love on any dog or cat that I came into contact with. I couldn't wait to have my own dog. Nowadays, I have a houseful of dogs, cats, and kids. We also foster for a couple of different rescue programs. I can't imagine my life without animals.





General Manager


My name is Yukio. I have always been an animal lover and at various points in my life I thought I would be an oceanographer, elephant trainer, orangutan researcher, or big cat trainer. I've traveled around the world and volunteered in different animal rescue and research centers working with birds, big cats, and monkeys.


Now I am in a different phase of my life.  I have three dogs and find that I spend a significant amount of my time training them and trying to understand their behaviors and psychology.  It is a great joy for me to attempt to see the world through their eyes, and give them the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.


Each dog has such a unique personality and set of behaviors. I have discovered that dogs just want the company of other dogs.  I am happy to lead and learn from them. I will help give your dogs a stable, structured, and stimulating experience every day, where they can teach each other the power of the pack. Thank you for giving your dog the opportunity to develop and grow with our pack. 





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