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Hiking Camp

Our Hiking Camp is a social

'Walk and Train' program that keeps your dog healthy and active during the day with stimulating structured walks throughout Santa Cruz County!

Mental stimulation, physical exercise, and patience are the fundamentals of our program. On a typical day, our pack leaders pick up the dogs from their homes before 10AM, hike all over Santa Cruz and the surrounding areas on dog-friendly on-leash trails and beaches, then drop them off nice and tired after 3PM. We hike about 5 to 8 miles per day depending on the weather and our routes.


Play Group

Our Play Group program is reserved for younger dogs being groomed into our Hiking Camp program, smaller dogs who can hike half of the day and play/rest the other half (we call these combo days), and for senior dogs who prefer the retired lifestyle with similar social companions.

Please contact us if you would

like more information! 


Overnight Boarding +
Pet Sitting

Daily Rates

(1 day per week minimum)

 60.00/ day


Additional Sibling(s)

+30.00/ day

Extended Care

We are available if extra care or feeding is needed in addition to Hiking Camp.

 +10.00/ drop off between 4-6PM

+15.00/ drop off between 6-8PM


We do a meet n' greet before accepting dogs into our pack.


    Please fill out the contact form as the first step

to starting our hiking camp!

We also offer in-home overnight care, combined with our day care programs, while our clients are away.  



90.00/ night

In-Home Pet Sitting


 Additional Sibling(s)

+30.00/ day

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