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Transitioning From Kibble To Raw Food

As some of you know, I've been in the process of transitioning my dogs from dry kibble to homemade and now raw dog food. It took about 4 weeks, but we've finally completed the process! TMI: Their poops look great! Lol.. I love how we (as pet guardians) are tight like that. Like, it's taboo to talk about our own toilet time, but when it comes to pet health anything goes; color, texture, etc. Ha!

Anyways, When transitioning from a kibble food to cooked or raw, you would need to do it gradually so that you don't upset their stomachs. Here's a good article on how to Introduce your dogs to raw food (copy and paste into url)

As for what I buy regularly, I usually just go to Costco and buy their ground beef and a bag of frozen veggies. I chop all the veggies really fine and mix that in with the raw ground beef and then slightly cook it before serving. (Eventually it will all be raw, but since I'm still transitioning, slightly cooked is easier on their tummies, too.)To make certain I'm not missing any vitamins in their meals, I add Wendy Volhard's Endurance Powder (copy and paste into url)

Wendy Volhard is a great resource for holistic pet care and she also has a food line where you can buy her mixture and add your own meat. That may also be an easier option for you. A lot of my dog trainer friends highly recommend her products and use them on their own dogs.

Feel free to e-mail me if you have any further questions @ I'm happy to help!

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